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It is invidious to begin naming names, however, to write the history of Rhos Park is impossible without mentioning one name viz Mr J.O.Barker (Jim) who was a founder member until his death in 1979.  Jim was Rhos Park and was widely known throughout the bowling fraternity far and wide and Rhos Park was always brought to the notice of everybody.  For many years he held the Captaincy and Vice-Captaincy, a County player for years.  At the time of his death he was chairman and had served in this capacity for many years.  His services to the club were recognized in 1974 by the presentation of a carriage clock being made for him.    

The first club officers were:-  President, Mr W.E.West, OBE.(1937-44)  followed by Mr Harry Pinnington, J.P.  (1944-74); Chairman:-  Mr T.H.Davies  (1937-50);  Secretary:-  Mr G.Fairclough  (1937-40);  and Treasurer:-  Mr C.L.Heyes  (1937-40.  In 1937 the players had little opportunity for match playing, but two friendly matches were arranged with Penrhyn New Hall, home and away, for several years these matches were an annual fixture.  There were also Parks matches against Min y Don and Erias Park, these were annual affairs for some years but as the Clubs entered the League the matches became redundant.

The first competition held by the club in 1937 was for a silver spoon, presented by Mr W.E.Wilde and won by Mr W.Hilton.  Mr Wilde also presented the Club with a lapel badge called the "Button", the first holder was Captain of the team, Mr Joe Roberts.  The holder of the "The Button" was open to challenge by any member of the club, on payment 6d  (2p) to the club funds.  Rhos Park Open Challenge Cup started in 1937 and is still held in July each year, a record entry of 142 players was received one year when the competition lasted a week.

With entry into the North Wales League came problems with refreshments as there were no facilities in our own Club House.  At first visiting teams had to be entertained in various Cafes and use made of the Congregational Church Hall for refreshments.  This became an expensive item and efforts had to be made to provide refreshments after matches in our own Club House.  This problem was overcome by using primus and calor gas stoves loaned by members and loaned crockery.  Eventually electricity was installed in the Club House and by buying a second hand Burco boiler it was possible to provide refreshments in our own Club House.    

If anybody is interested in receiving a copy of the "Rhos Park Jubilee book 1937 - 1987 you can purchase one at the cost of £1 to go to club funds.  Please contact us through the contact page.